stained glass windows

Stained Glass Windows

The designs of the stained glass windows on both sides of the sanctuary are inspired by the community of Oak Grove, and the religious and spiritual tradition of the Presbyterian Church.

stained glass window

Each window represents a tree within a grove of trees, the canopy being diverse and complex. There are “cupped hands” that embrace these tree tops and offer them in prayer and praise. The play of round and square and organic line meandering is reminiscent of how different we all are, yet we can come together. At the base of the windows we have the intertwined three circles, symbolic of the Trinity, and hidden within them, three fish each. The fish “deep” in the design are a reminder of Luke 5 (Jesus calling disciples away from their nets). Woven with the trinity symbol we have root-like elements reminding us that our faith is rooted in Christian beliefs and that actions “grow” from those fundamental beliefs.

The Lantern stained glass (above the cross) is intended to support the message of the Cross. The twelve jewels that circle down and also rise up are symbolic of the calling of the twelve apostles. To each is given a gift of faith and a mission of service in the name of God. Through the love and sacrifice of Jesus, each person’s calling is empowered and radiant. The circle has been used for many eons as a symbol of perfection or the perfect being, God. The broken circles (with lines through) are symbols of man, imperfect but with God within. The non-straight lines signify that we each pursue our own paths as unique souls, but yet are the same life within creation.