Antiracism Resources: Oak Grove’s Courageous Conversations

The links below include resources used in our anti-racism conversations with the date the conversations were held.

December 20 & January 24: Oak Grove Adult Faith Formation

Milissa Carter and Jim Koon will offer information, discussion and answer questions about restorative giving and Oak Grove.  There is a denomination-wide conversation about creating a foundation that will be funded by commitments from predominately white churches to bring restoration and reparation to our Black and Indigenous siblings.  The basis for this effort is scriptural and theologically driven. 

January 28: Book Discussion “Decolonizing Wealth” by Edgar Villanueva

We will have a conversation about Part I. Read more about the book with Decolonizing Wealth: Four Questions with Edgar Villanueva at

Courageous Conversations with Brenda Johnson (August 2020)


Conversation (Starts at 21:17)

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