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The Friendship Committee invites you to help us celebrate those who work hard to make our community safe and welcoming and loving! We invite Oak Grove members and friends to submit names of organizations in our community that model the concept of being a good neighbor.

Our committee will choose from the entries each month and will deliver a note and/or token of thanks from Oak Grove. For example, perhaps organizations like a local school, Covid-clinic staff, a station’s firefighters, etc. would be identified for a specific action/interaction and we’d deliver some small snacks, pens, etc.

With our THANKS, GOOD NEIGHBOR! Initiative, on behalf of Oak Grove, we hope to recognize and encourage those who put extra effort into our community. Nominate an organization by filling out this online google form: or by calling the church office (952-888-4621) and sharing your idea for the volunteer to place in the Friendship Committee’s mailbox. Thank you!

May 2022

THANKS, GOOD NEIGHBOR! Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC) is located at Bloomington and East Franklin Avenues in Minneapolis. It was nominated because of their consistent welcome and excellent service to its clientele, many of whom face multiple barriers for accessing good health and health services: those who may be houseless, who are still learning English, who may be alienated by family/community, those who work many jobs but have no insurance.

The staff’s responses to each person demonstrates great respect for individuals and a basic belief in their value. To be at the clinic is to be inspired by the strengths and interactions of those who enter. Kudos to CUHCC for making our community safe and welcoming and loving! We are thankful for your services! Check out their info at or on Twitter: @UMNCUHCC.

April 2022

THANKS, GOOD NEIGHBOR! The pharnacy staff at Bloomington Drug was nominated because of the extra care and attention they showed in serving just-arrived refugees who were placed in area hotels. The staff at Bloomington Drug took time to explain medications, made many hotel deliveries, and patiently worked to straighten out errors that occurred related to language and changing addresses for these families. We are happy to recognize Bloomington Drug’s pharmacy staff for these and the many other ways they make our community safe and welcoming and loving!

March 2022

THANKS, GOOD NEIGHBOR! In March we are celebrating the Refugee Resettlement Staff at the Minnesota Council of Churches. In co-sponsoring a family with them, Oak Grove has experienced some of the very important work they do to assist families and their cosponsor groups! In the face of overwhelming numbers and need and given changing rules and timelines, this staff of coordinators, case workers, home-finders, employment and cultural guides and all those that support the “out front” work are persevering, finding and sharing hope when despair might threaten to be easier.

While the people who are their clients are pretty amazing, the work of this staff is often what enables the clients to find their way from the landing here chaos to the steadiness of home and work and a future with possibilities. We appreciate that this staff helps to make our community a safe and welcoming and loving place.

February 2022

THANKS, GOOD NEIGHBOR! And thank you Oak Grove Member-Who-Made-This-Nomination! In February we sent Oak Grove recognition and thanks to the Bloomington Lions Club for their ongoing generosity at supporting transformational opportunities in our community. Examples include funds toward Leader Dogs and Can-Do Canines, the Lions Eye Bank at U of M as well as Diabetes Research there, and Camp Needle Point! Our community is a better place because of them!