columbarium proposed plan


In February of 2019,  Doodee Backstrom and Frank Uvodich came before the Session with the concept of building a Columbarium in the alcove outside of the nursery.  The Session approved the concept and in May of 2019 a committee consisting of  Doodee, Frank, Rod Myers, Jane Horn, Iris Karow, Nancy Kachel and Connie Nesbitt began planning for a Columbarium.  We visited different churches that presently have one.  At this time Chip Cheney from Eichoff, a local, leading company in the Columbarium industry, visited a meeting with a wealth of information.  He visited several meetings as different issues were addressed.  An interest questionnaire was distributed to the Congregation last June after Rod spoke about the committee’s plans.  There was enough positive interest generated that the committee felt confident to continue planning.  In late Fall of 2019, Rev. Fisher joined our committee.  In April of 2020 the committee presented a request for funding to the Budget and Finance committee.  That committee approved funding and the Session gave their approval at the April meeting.

The Columbarium will consist 50 niches (8×8) on each side of the curved structure.  Each niche can hold the ashes of one or two people.  There will also be a memorial wall affixed to the outside wall of the church between the nursery door and the sanctuary door where a memorial to someone can be engraved.  There will be pavers placed in the area along with a wildflower garden from memorial money donated by the Van Atta Family.  There will be guidelines as to who can purchase a niche and be named on the memorial wall.

Construction for this project will be completed in the Fall.  The committee will be selling niches soon.  You will notice activity in the area this summer as a foundation is laid in preparation for the structure.  We have placed our order, but there is a 29-30-week lead time. 

Please email for information on the Columbarium.