columbarium proposed plan


The Columbarium Committee is pleased to announce that we are selling Niches for the Columbarium that will soon be erected.  The foundation has been laid for the current Columbarium with 100 niches, 50 on each side.  There is also a foundation laid for a future Columbarium. The structure itself is made out of granite and limestone.   The area will be landscaped with pavers and a wildflower garden.  The funding for the garden is from a Memorial given by the Vanatta family. 

A Niche can hold the cremains of one or two people.  The size of each Niche is 8″ x 8”.  Cremains are placed in a bronze box within the Columbarium Niche.  The outside plate will have the inscribed names and dates of birth and death of the individuals.  The price of a Niche is $2600.00. 

There will be a granite Memorial Wall placed on the church building between the Nursery door and the Sanctuary door.  The price to place the name of a loved one on this wall will be $250.00.

There are Guidelines in place as to who may be placed in a Niche and also on the Memorial Wall. 

This will be a sacred resting place on our church grounds for family and friends to come and meditate, to remember loved ones, and to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

If you are interested in purchasing a Niche at this time or would like more information, please contact Connie Nesbitt (612-702-0684 or or the church office ( ).