2023 Xmas Market

Alternative Xmas Market

Our Alternative Christmas Marketplace will go forward in much the same way as last year. You will receive a Giving Catalog again in the mail around the middle of November to think about what you might like to give to. We have been told that families like to have the catalog at home with time to think and discuss what the family might like to support.

  1. You can simply make your choices and mail the order form and payment in the envelope provided. If you choose this option, please return to Oak Grove by Friday, December 1, OR
  2. Bring the form with your payment to church on Sunday, December 3, when we will have available a small marketplace in Gideon Pond Social Hall. During this time there will be coffee, juice, and cinnamon rolls to enjoy as well as some entertainment from our very own Oak Grovers, OR
  3. Pay by credit card. Click here for credit card link.

The marketplace event on Sunday, Dec. 3 will be very much like it was last year with those who want to share their talents in the kitchen by donating baked goods, jams, pickles, or other edibles. And we will have handcrafted items for sale. There will not be a silent auction.

We will also be selling coffee from Guatemala, but sadly Oak Grove is no longer involved with the Palestinian Olive Oil.

We hope all you crafters will have lots of handmade items for us to buy as Christmas gifts or just for ourselves. Contact Sharon Nolte if you have questions at 952-884-1014 or sharonnolte@yahoo.com.