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Mission Update: Water for Good

Oak Grove supports many organizations through our Mission Committee. One organization we support is Water For Good.

Annual Oak Grove support: $1,500

Annual waterforgood.org budget: $7.1 million

Water For Good mission statement
Water For Good mission statement
Jon Allen CEO water for good
Jon Allen, CEO, waterforgood.org

Letter from CEO Jon Allen

Partners: As I reflect over the last year, I am amazed at the significant impact your generosity is making in the Central African Republic. I cannot thank you enough for supporting clean water projects this past year! Thanks to your donations, every day over 850,000 people are accessing clean, safe drinking water.

In 2022, your support employed 113 Central Africans who built and managed:
12 solar-powered pump systems
58 tapstands
32 handpumps
3,737 maintenance visits
4,000 hours of radio waterforgood.org airtime