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Afghan Family Update

UPDATE January 20, 2022

Update on our Afghan Family, January 20:

Not all ordered items have quite arrived, but an empty apartment has been turned into a space ready for a family’s landing! Thank you, thank you worker bee organizers and movers and the many, MANY Oak Grovers and friends who have donated time, talents, and treasure! 

We envision there may be a new list of some important items once this family begins to craft a space to more precisely fit their needs and reflect their own flair. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to purchase staples for their kitchen and pantry, set-up bedrooms and bathrooms, and set-up a beautiful dining room table and chairs! Space is an issue, but we’re keeping our eyes open for a not-so-big loveseat or comfortable chair and wouldn’t mind two matching, not-so-big nightstands. If you enjoy FB Marketplace or other local like-new-2nd-hand furniture shopping–have at it! If you have a great find, feel free to send a photo and measurements to Sue Greimel.

Update on our Afghan Family, January 18: Wow!! Our congregation is amazing. All items on the donation list have been purchased and donated! We are still accepting gift cards or cash donations to pay for food and other needs.

An apartment in Minneapolis has been found, and move-in day is this Thursday, January 20! Our plan is to clean and move everything on Wednesday, January 19. We’d love to have donations ordered or brought to church by Tuesday, January 18, 2022. Please contact Sue Greimel (sue.greimel@gmail.com, 612 805-2896) with questions or if you are willing to volunteer to help with cleaning, moving, and welcoming on Wednesday/Thursday.

Original post, January 12

Help Needed! Do you have any “like-new” winter wear you can spare? No longer need that gently-used stroller, those kid toys, or that insulated mug/water bottle? Our young family from Afghanistan could use your help! Their needs are very basic, but extremely important. Donations are now being accepted at the church (Gideon Pond B). Please contact Sue Greimel (sue.greimel@gmail.com, 612 805-2896) with questions! Any excess donations will be given to the Minnesota Council of Churches for other refugee families.

  • Men’s medium-sized coat, size 8–9 boots, gloves, mittens, winter hat, t-shirts (long-sleeved & short), pants (approx. 32″ waist)
  • Women’s medium coat, size 7–8 boots, gloves, mittens, winter hat, traditional dresses, women’s dress socks, traditional head scarves
  • 4T girls coat, size 10–12 boots, mittens, winter hat, dresses, pants, t-shirts (favorite color PINK)
    2T girls coat, size 8–10 boots, mittens, winter hat, dresses, pants, warm t-shirts (favorite color PINK)
  • Stroller
  • Insulated mugs, insulated water bottles

Stay tuned for additional requests as we learn more about their housing situation. In the meantime, if you have a dining room table, nice living room rug, couch, chairs, dressers, or lamps that you’re thinking of donating, please send Sue Greimel the details (with pictures), so we can prepare a “catalog” of options!!