Love Is Still The Answer

Dear Oak Grove Family,

During November 2021, we are compiling a booklet as an opportunity for connecting with each other, and we would like you to be a part of it! Think of it as a greeting card to our whole community. We’re calling the project “Love is Still the Answer,” and we look forward to hearing from you. We invite you to submit a photo and a short paragraph (or more) that might help us catch up a bit after so much time apart! This is just an informal entry that can be as detailed or general as you wish. Since we have new members and babies who’ve grown so much, it would be really helpful if you would include a photo and identify each person by name. We encourage you to be completely casual, selfies would be fine! 

We ask you to complete and turn in your entry by Friday, December 3, so that we can gather all the entries together. The plan is to e-mail a booklet to each Oak Grove home by late December; paper copies will be available to Oak Grove households by request. This booklet will not be shared elsewhere, such as church website or Facebook.

There are three ways to participate:


Send an email to ogpc2@oakgrv.org In your email, please catch us up a bit on what’s happened (or didn’t get to happen!) for you in the last two-ish years! You are also invited to share reflection(s) on the theme: “Love Is Still the Answer.” Attach a photo and identify each person.

If you have a Gmail/Google account, submit everything via this online form: https://forms.gle/i8UG8YvbXmcuP2Md7

By Hand: Print out this form (Word doc), fill in your information, include a photo, and either mail it (2200 W Old Shakopee Rd, Bloomington MN 55431) to church or drop it off.

Partner by phone: Call the church, (952-888-4621), we have volunteers who will happily take your photo and/or help write your story!

We really hope you will take a few moments to submit as much as you are able; we celebrate this opportunity to catch up with you! Thank you in advance for your participation! Please enjoy the gift of inspiration for this project: “Love Is Still The Answer” via YouTube (a Jason Mraz video). In this upcoming season of Advent and in the difficulties our times have imposed, we remember and we believe: love is still the answer!

Blessings from your friends at Oak Grove.