Solar Production at Oak Grove

We believe that electric bills are faith statements of how much we value the continued livability of God’s Creation for all living species.  In the past month, Oak Grove’s rooftop solar produced 2.90 MWh which represented 62% of our electrical usage.  In addition, our community solar garden, St. Cloud Solar on the outskirts of St. Cloud, produced 6.85 MWh which is 147% more than our electrical consumption.  We sold all our excess production to Xcel in the form either rebates or bill credits. Solar Production Graph

In terms of climate impact, in total we produced 14.4 MWh of clean energy (solar and wind).  That is 14.4 million watt hours of no-emissions electricity.  We avoided putting 10.2 metric tons of CO2 into our atmosphere.  It is the same as if we grew 13.3 acres of forest for 1 year to sequester carbon.   Good job Oak Grove!  Now let’s all do this in our own personal energy consumption by using WindSource or Wellspring or other means to go 100% carbon free for our electricity.