Rain Garden Update

Rain Garden Update by John Crampton, Oak Grove Green Committee

The rain garden in front of Oak Grove is planted and starting to grow.  Don’t just drive by the church and wave.  Get off your duff and out of your car, get off your bike or scooter and check it out!  It’s huge. It’s going to take millions of gallons of dirty storm water runoff off of Old Shakopee Rd and clean it, infiltrate it into the ground water, rather than letting it pollute Nine Mile Creek, Minnesota River, and the Mississippi River, including reducing the major role that these rivers play in producing the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

The project is being paid for 100% by the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District (WSD) under the leadership of Erica Sniegowski, Program and Project Manager.  The rain garden will be maintained by Nine Mile Creek WSD for the first 2 years and then Oak Grove takes over.  The excavation work was done by SunRun Construction Company out of Rochester.  The planting and maintenance are being provided by Hoffman and McNamara Landscapers from Hastings.  Design and engineering are provided by Barr Engineering.   Five other churches in the Nine Mile Creek Watershed are also constructing rain gardens, including St. Luke’s Lutheran and St. Edward’s Catholic Church in Bloomington.  Look for a future bike trip to each of the five churches.