Rain Garden Installation

Our new rain garden installation began on May 11. The crew dug out the rain garden area at the Education Wing facing Old Shakopee Rd. and Penn. They will complete it in coming weeks with native plantings, and installation of inlets and outlets. 

When completed the rain garden will take storm water run-off from Old Shakopee Rd and from our roof and infiltrate it to recharge the groundwater rather than letting it run off and carry sediment and pollution into Nine Mile Creek and the Minnesota River. The rain garden will carry the first flush (approx. first inch of a rainfall), infiltrate and bio-treat it in the garden via hundreds of deep-rooted native plants. Inlet valves and drain tiles help divert storm water amounts greater than 1 inch. This is diverted into the storm sewers to prevent flooding. The soil at the site is all sand, which greatly aids infiltration.

Nine Mile Creek Watershed District is paying for and maintaining the project for the first two years. Future plans include surrounding the rain garden with native plantings that are “gentle to the environment” (don’t require watering or chemicals and that infiltrate water and sequester carbon emissions). 

Our solar sources of electricity continue to produce energy at expected rates. Our 55 solar panels on our building produced 2,730 KWH in April and our Community Solar farm membership produced 5,259 KWH in March (Community Solar reporting is always one month delayed).