Church Organ Fund

We have met our goal! Thank you to everyone who donated or pledged to our church organ upgrade!

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Letter to the Oak Grove Congregation, July 16, 2018

Dear Members of Oak Grove,

As I enjoy this wonderful summer weather, I hope each of you is well and I thank God for your presence in Oak Grove’s community. We live within a rare church community; one that is blessed with great resources, great talents, and above all, great members.

While our church community is full of life, I write to inform you of the declining state of our church organ and ask your participation in our restoration efforts. Our current electric organ has been in service over 36 years, having been transferred from the old sanctuary to our current one. (It had an original life expectancy of 15-20 years.) Over the last few years, a number of stops and pedals have begun to fail and the overall instrument is in need of refurbishment. Thanks entirely to our talented organist, Nancy Hauser, many of these issues have gone unnoticed. But replacement cannot be delayed any longer.

Fortunately, the keyboard console itself remains in good condition, which means we can replace the internal components with a more current digital organ and avoid an expensive replacement. (This saves $40,000-50,000!) This would remediate the present issues as well as provide new life and new abilities to our current instrument. With 180 keys, 92 stops, and a few dozen pedals, we will have an enhanced instrument able to produce beautiful music for our services and accommodate just about any instrumental accompaniment needed. The estimate for this is $70,000.

To make our vision a reality, would you participate in a special offering to help support our efforts this summer? J.S. Bach, one of the greatest organists of all time, wrote in his Bible while reading 2nd Chronicles, “At a reverent performance of music, God is always at hand with (God’s) gracious presence.” The organ is a musical cornerstone to almost every worship service, wedding and funeral we hold in our space.
Could you….
• Be a “Key” Supporter – $100
• Pull Out All the “Stops” – $500
• Put the “Pedal” to the Metal – $5000

In our effort to renew the organ, please consider helping at whatever level you feel called to give, beyond those suggested above.

Of course, if you would like to give the entire amount that would be gratefully accepted.

In Christ,

Eugene Orr, Elder Representative to the Worship and Music Committee
Ruth Dukelow, Chair of Worship and Music Committee
Judy Cooper, Director of Music
Nancy Hauser, Organist
Bill Chadwick, Pastor